I write about psychological issues as a public service and to offer learning materials to clients in several topic categories. These include demystifying psychotherapy, life issues, Jungian and transpersonal psychology, and book reviews.

Demystifying Psychotherapy

Life Issues

Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology

  • Seeman, G. (2001). Individuation and subtle body: A commentary on Jung’s Kundalini seminar. This is the introduction to my doctoral dissertation and a link to the dissertation itself. The dissertation compares Jung’s Analytical Psychology and Kundalini Yoga as paths to self-realization. I offer detailed introductions to both of these paths and address many controversies and misunderstandings of Jung’s lectures on Kundalini Yoga. (An excellent study aid for reading the dissertation is Samuels, A., Shorter, B., & Plaut, F. (1986). A Critical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis. New York: Routledge & Kegan Paul, Inc.)
  • Seeman, G. (2009). “A brief appraisal of Jung’s contribution.” C. G. Jung was a controversial figure for some and admired by others. The release of his private journal, the Red Book, brings forward many reviewers with different opinions. I have found Jung’s insights to be very helpful for my own personal therapy and writing, and they inform my integrative therapeutic style. Here’s my brief “take” on Jung.
  • Seeman, G. (2009). “Jung and dogma.” I’ve excerpted some writings about dogma as both helpful belief and barrier to experience. This was offered as part of a conversation about spirituality and religion in September, 2009 on the listserv for Division 36 – Psychology and Religion, of the American Psychological Association.
  • Seeman, G. (2010). “Psychological change in the human aura. Prologue.” This prologue introduces the types of everyday experiences that suggest a subtle energy system that is interconnected with our emotions, thinking, relationships and perceptions. It tells you why I’m interested in developing a psychological model of the aura and the potential benefits of such a model.
  • Seeman, G. (2010). “Psychological change in the human aura. Part 1: Introduction and overview.” This article introduces a new model, giving my current understanding of the aura and introducing a new series of articles on this topic.
  • Seeman, G. (2010). “Psychological change in the human aura. Part 2: Creating an energetic foundation for human development.” This second article in the series considers how human development proceeds upward through the chakras, how individuation integrates adult mind with the passions, and how spiritual transcendence reunites the individual with the One. This framework sets up Part 3, which will explore the subtle energetics of individuals in relationship.
  • Seeman, G. (2010). “Psychological change in the human aura. Part 5A: How we know.” This article describes essential elements of a research orientation for transpersonal psychology that balances qualitative and quantitative methods. I’ve named it Part 5A because it’s a part of what will be addressed more fully in Part 5, where I’ll explore the scientific findings, theories and controversies about attempting to detect and measure the human aura and its psychological functions.

Book Reviews

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