Solution-Focused Therapy

This approach is present and future-focused. It involves envisioning your desired future state and using that to set goals. It is a particularly effective technique for people who don’t believe they can solve their current problems without digging into and solving a wounded past. Solution-Focused Therapy is part of my toolkit. Where indicated I work with past experiences using several methods of healing, but my overall intention is to work efficiently to help you gain traction in your healing process. I was introduced to Solution-Focused Therapy while in a Kaiser postdoctoral residency where Dr. Michael Hoyt was one of my mentors.

To schedule a first appointment please select this link. Although experienced with emergencies, that is not my practice focus. As an outpatient therapist I work with people who can reliably cope, are not at risk or in crisis, do not have thoughts of self-harm, and are seeking to grow.