Here is an incomplete, ever-growing list of books, articles and other resources by category. Please feel free to e-mail me your recommendations.

Environmental Illness

  • Hobbs, Angela. (2003). The Sick House Survival Guide: Simple Steps to Healthier Homes. New Society Publishers. Gabriola Island, BC: Canada. A book about creating a healthy house for people coping with environmental illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, electrical hypersensitivity and chemical sensitivities. Not intended as medical advice. 

Grief and Loss

  • Bowlby, J. (1980). Attachment and loss, Vol. III: Sadness and depression. New York: Basic Books.
  • Kubler-Ross, E. (1969). On death and dying: What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy, and their own families. New York: Touchstone Books.
  • Romanyshyn, Robert (1999.) The soul in grief: Love, death and transformation. Berkeley, CA: Frog, Ltd.




  • Jordan, Meredith (2004). Embracing the mystery: The sacred unfolding in ordinary people and everyday lives. Biddeford, Maine: Rogers McKay Publishing. This lovely book’s title tells the story. It’s written by a therapist and spiritual director who writes movingly from personal experience. The link enables you to buy the book and takes you to a very interesting website.
  • Rodriguez, Connie (2003). Sacred portals: Pathways to the Self. Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse. This book is about opening doors of the psyche to awaken inner knowing. It teaches about fine-tuning one’s perceptual states of consciousness to accommodate the sacred in universal energy fields. Dr. Rodriguez is an experienced therapist and a friend with whom I shared many conversations about subtle energy fields. The link to her book also takes you to Dr. Rodriguez’s beautiful website.

Stress and Work/Life Balance

  • Families and Work Institute. A nonprofit center providing research for living in today’s changing workplace, changing family and changing community. They research topics like overwork and burnout. This site is a rich resource of information.


Although it’s not my calling to work in this area, I admire those who do and who take on the challenge of writing about it and provide therapy for healing trauma issues.

  • Bass, Ellen and Davis, Laura (1994 ). The Courage to Heal, 3rd Ed., Revised and Expanded: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. New York: Perennial.
  • Herman, Judith. (1997). Trauma and recovery. New York: Basic Books. An intense book written in non-technical language by a psychiatrist about the experience of being traumatized and attempting to recover.
  • Karriker, Wanda. (2004). Morning, come quickly. Catawba, NC: Sandime, Ltd. A book for survivors by someone who dares to take on the difficult work of helping people recover from severe trauma and abuse.



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