Relaxation Training

Many people come to therapy to cope with stress and anxiety. I offer simple tools to help you relax and feel grounded in the present moment. One very effective method is square breathing, where one breathes in, holds and expels one’s breath to a count for each stage. This physically induces relaxation and grounding. I also encourage being able to distance oneself from potentially stressful experiences using internal instructions for cognitive distancing. I may also use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) resource tapping to help you easily access calm and relaxed states.

I also encourage clients to use  progressive relaxation training courses that are widely-available online. These combine the tensing and release of muscles, moving progressively through the body to induce relaxation.

To schedule a first appointment please select this link. Although experienced with emergencies, that is not my practice focus. As an outpatient therapist I work with people who can reliably cope, are not at risk or in crisis, do not have thoughts of self-harm, and are seeking to grow.