My Spiritual Journey

In 1977, I had an unexpected spiritual awakening that included a near-death experience without any physical illness. I’m Jewish, by birth. Yet less than two days later, I met a Christian spiritual teacher and renowned psychic. Within two weeks, I encountered a Tibetan Buddhist master who further quickened my journey. Thus began a conscious, personal relationship with spirituality that continues today. I later trained with teachers in other traditions, making small steps toward bringing together the seeming opposites of worldly life and spiritual calling.

After my spiritual awakening, I didn’t see psychotherapy as an option. I feared that most therapists would dismiss my spiritual experiences or that they would try and squeeze the callings of my heart into a rationalist’s constricted model of conditioning and illusion. It would take years before I learned that there were depth approaches to psychotherapy that honor spirituality and religion. The branch of transpersonal psychology I chose was Jungian analysis, which helped me further develop my intuition and creativity, my connection to spirit, and my emotional strength. This work was accomplished in the deepening relationship with my analyst and fueled by the wisdom revealed in my dreams. Although Jung’s psychology was the path that helped me, I believe that each person’s spiritual journey is unique and should be honored as such. Thus, I adjust my approach to your psychological needs and your spiritual or religious beliefs.