Making Your First Appointment

Please call to discuss issues you’re facing and see if we’re likely to be a good match. There’s no charge for the call. If you don’t reach me, let me know good times to reliably reach you. (If your first call is after the work week I’ll probably call you Monday or Tuesday.)

Before calling, please check your insurance coverage to make sure my services are covered. Some insurers require your getting pre-authorization before seeing me. If your insurer approves coverage but bills against your deductible, you are responsible for paying the amount they approve.

If your needs don’t match my services, instead of meeting, I may offer referrals or may recommend you ask your insurer for a list of practitioners with a needed specialty.

For more about fees, insurance and third-party payment, please select this link. I welcome people of any race, religion, or sexual preference or identity.

Please note that confidentiality over e-mail cannot be assured, so call me for confidential communications. If I don’t return your call, please try again. Sometimes phone reception is bad and voicemail doesn’t record your message clearly.