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The Alchemy Website. C. G. Jung rediscovered philosophical alchemy in his later years and found that the imagery of alchemy provides metaphorical images and ideas that exactly parallel the process of individuation, the unfolding of the self. A visit to this site will be rewarded with a wealth of material, links to other alchemy resources, images, study courses and discussion groups.

The Analytical Psychology of C. G. Jung


  • C. G. Jung Page. Information about new publications, events, and resources related to Jungian psychology, analysis and cultural themes.


  • www.Kundalini – A very comprehensive site and listserv for discussions about all aspects of Kundalini, the most subtle aspect of the human biofield for manifesting spirituality and life force.


  • Dr. Eric Nicely: Offering brief, solution-focused therapy for individuals and couples. Dr. Nicely is a well-respected colleague, specializing in cognitive behavior therapy.
  • Shelley Diamond, Ph.D. draws on a variety of therapy modalities to offer a welcoming and thoughtful experience to her clients. Some of her specialties are anxiety, depression, recovery from trauma, relationship and gender issues, living with chronic illness or disability, aging and eldercare.
  • This is a web site includes information on how to find a good therapist and how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy psychotherapy. They’ve requested that this link connect you to their therapist directory for our link exchange. If you want, you can navigate from that landing page to the rest of the site, which has the content I’ve just described.
  • Dr. Marty Tashman is a New Jersey licensed therapist who specializes in marriage counseling.*DisclaimersAll of the links on this page to external resources are provided for your convenience, education and entertainment. Inclusion of a link does not indicate any endorsement, guarantee, warranty or representation implied or otherwise of the site found on that resource or associated links or content.Reliable assessment of psychological issues, characteristics or conditions requires more than reading a book, taking a single test or doing online screening and should be done within an established professional relationship with a qualified and licensed mental health practitioner.Linking to a site from this page is at the user’s own risk. Such users are advised to choose any resource with care and with the understanding that suitability of the services or content offered there is an individual matter for which Gary Seeman, Ph.D. assumes no liability. Dr. Seeman receives no compensation for posting these links.