Insurance and Fees

Fee for service. Please contact me to discuss fees that apply if I’m not on your insurance panel or if you want services that insurers don’t consider “medically necessary.”

Insurance. I have been registered as in network on the panels listed below. Before your appointment, please ask your insurer whether I am in network for your contract and for the services you are requesting. Each insurance contract is different. Insurance companies often acquire or subcontract to each other. You are responsible to pay for my services if you later discover I am out of network, your coverage was not current, you needed pre-authorization you did not obtain, or the services were not covered.

    • Aetna (not EAP)
    • Coventry
    • Medicare (not combined with any Medicaid plan)
    • Regence MedAdvantage (Medicare)
    • Regence Bluecross Blueshield (Blue Cross and Blue Shield)
    • OMHMO – Regence BlueAdvantage (Medicare HMO)
    • OMPO – Regence MedAdvantage PPO (Medicare PPO)
    • OPAR – Regence Participating
    • OPPP – Regence Preferred Provider Plan (covers FEP)
    • Bridgespan networks (OR exchange)
      •      OMYC = MyChoice NW – ADVTTUALS
      •      OWLMT = Willamette Valley Health – WILLAMTSUPP
      •      OLEG = LegacyHlth – LEGACYACOSUP
      •      OMVLY = MidValley – MIDVALLEYSUP
      •      OVALU (Oregon Value)
    • United Behavioral Health (UBH)/United Healthcare (UHC): Please obtain their pre-authorization before your first appointment.


    I do not take Medicaid, Apple Health, Molina, or Community Health Plan of Washington.

    To schedule a first appointment please select this link. Although experienced with emergencies, that is not my practice focus. As an outpatient therapist I work with people who can reliably cope, are not at risk or in crisis, do not have thoughts of self-harm, and are seeking to grow.