Social Skills Training

Improving your interpersonal skills can greatly enhance romantic, family, friendship and professional relationships. We may explore the difficulties you have in these relationships and use a variety of techniques, including

  • Assertiveness training
  • Active listening
  • Anger management (for those whose anger does not lead to physical violence, which would need more specialized treatment and containment than I provide)
  • Agenda setting
  • Boundary setting
  • Joining and leaving conversations
  • Leaning into criticism
  • Letter writing
  • Role play
  • Time-outs

These methods can help you communicate more effectively to serve your intended goals rather than letting anxiety, anger and other intense emotions throw you off track.

To schedule a first appointment please select this link. Although experienced with emergencies, that is not my practice focus. As an outpatient therapist I work with people who can reliably cope, are not at risk or in crisis, do not have thoughts of self-harm, and are seeking to grow.