Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical orientation is integrative, which means that I adjust my work to the individual’s or couple’s unique needs, using what I’ve learned from a variety of psychological approaches. It’s not unusual for people looking at the list below to see what appears to be a patchwork of theory. However, I’ve found that many of these approaches provide their own perspectives on the same underlying phenomena. The major therapeutic approaches that inform me include:

  • Depth work: Jungian interpretation and dreamwork, transpersonal, object relations and psychodynamic theory (developmental view of attachment and character structure)
  • Biopsychosocial: This is an approach of considering how biology, conditioning and your social milieu affect you. My approach adds “spiritual” to this mix in the sense that I consider your existential and ethical beliefs important and work with respect for what you value.
  • Brief therapy: Solution-focused; also Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), helping you revise identification with thoughts and feelings that make thinking rigid and drive dysfunctional moods and behavior
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): Assisting people who have trouble regulating emotional reactions and behavioral responses with mindfulness and a way to navigate between opposites (dialectics) rather than overly identify with either position in an emotional dilemma or life challenge
  • Social Learning Theory: Addressing how life experiences helps shape our behavior, beliefs and responses
  • Psychoeducation: Teaching psychological concepts and findings in person and through writing to help you understand your thoughts, behaviors and issues
  • Psychiatric/medical psychology, including work with clients who have achieved long-term stability on psychiatric medication
  • Transpersonal psychology, my own integrative, non-dogmatic orientation to spirituality and religion that is grounded in many years of personal meditation practice; and study of some of the world’s religious traditions, the original writings of C. G. Jung, parapsychological research, and early study of cults and coercive group indoctrination