What do you want your life to be? Answering that question starts a conversation about fulfilling your dreams. My practice serves adults who can reliably and safely cope with basic needs and may face unforeseen challenges. As a mature, experienced therapist, I approach you as an individual, not a diagnosis requiring a cookbook approach. Some clients seek my services to solve problems, reduce anxiety or improve their mood. Others want to re-orient themselves to a new stage in life, or they may seek a better understanding of themselves and their loved ones.

My therapy style is collaborative and non-judgmental, and explores your unique circumstances to better understand how you can help yourself. This can take treatment beyond problem-solving to more permanent healing.

Benefits of Working with a Mature Therapist

People often say they find it easier to open up to me because I’m old enough to have been around the block — in relationships, career, coping with loss, and building self-knowledge. Life experience can offer surprises that elicit coping skills not found in a textbook. It teaches that we aren’t infallible, that growth often requires humility and acceptance to gain the wisdom of experience and move on.

Insurance Accepted, Convenient Hours

I accept Medicare, insurance, and private pay, and offer weekday and evening hours. My office is spacious and comfortable, with a private waiting room, free parking and convenient freeway access. I am accepting new clients and invite you to call or find out more by exploring this site. To see what’s here, please see the menu above.

Scheduling a first appointment

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