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ANNOUNCEMENT: I am closing my Redwood City, California office to move to Washington state in late March. My California practice will then be via teletherapy. I will apply for a Washington license and open an office there too.

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Photo of Gary Seeman, Psychologist treating depression, anxiety, stress, grief, relationships (individual & couples or marriage counseling).

You’re probably here researching individual or couples therapy to solve a problem, improve mood or self-confidence, achieve peace of mind, or some combination of these. You may have limited time to find a good therapist, so “here’s what’s here.”

I created this page to answer your questions and teach you about therapy, including hesitation about treatment. It lists issues I treat, introduces you to me and my services, and shows you how to navigate the site for education and appointment scheduling.

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I work with individuals and couples in the following specialties. For more on how I work on specialties that aren’t linked to a page, see the links to individual therapy and couples therapy, because I address those issues in both formats.

  • Addictions: Stopping an active addiction, understanding what it may self-medicate, addressing codependent relationships, and building a life of fulfillment, meaning and depth beyond abstinence.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Unexamined thoughts drive uncontrolled moods and fears. Escape and avoidance behaviors forestall taking positive action. I help you explore, challenge and overcome automatic thoughts and dysfunctional behaviors to solve problems and enhance wellbeing.
  • Communication: Improving interpersonal skills for romantic, family, friendship and professional relationships, including overcoming anxiety and shyness, and managing anger, intensity and boundaries.
  • Creativity: I work with many creative artists and professionals, addressing writer’s and creative block, helping them flow with the stages of creativity, and welcoming the creative imagination for self-knowing and expression.
  • Dreamwork: Dreams are a window into deeper knowing. I help the dreamer understand the language of dream imagery in ways that are personally meaningful, tapping into an inner consciousness that is broader than the waking self and provides emotional perspective and guidance.
  • Life Transitions: Our lives and selves are always changing. Sometimes we cross a threshold where we gain new status or ability, enter a new stage of maturity, become aware of an emerging issue, or lose something crucial to identity or wellbeing. I help you build awareness of impending changes, ride out the turbulence of transition, accept and acclimate to new circumstances.
  • Grief and Loss: Bereavement may occur through loss of a loved one, pet, or even one’s health. Some life transitions also set off grief reactions, such as aging, loss of job, career, home, professional reputation or some other source of identity or wellbeing. I help people navigate grief’s dark waters, sustain themselves, and find their way to acceptance and peace.
  • Marriage and Couples Therapy: To reduce tensions caused by relationship disruptions, addressing such issues as arguing, restoring trust, commitment, communication, not repeating destructive patterns; balancing dependence and independence; building mutual support through life’s challenges; and grappling with the mystery of romantic love, including difficulty experiencing or expressing passion.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Helping you enhance fundamental awareness as the most basic tool for personal growth. This is done through teaching mindfulness, meditation, and attending to our mutual awareness or avoidance of consciousness in the therapy relationship.
  • Personal Fulfillment: This can range from overcoming problems or limitations to exploring personal values, what you find meaningful, and your potential and desire for growth or transformation.
  • Religion and Spirituality: Helping you connect psychologically with your personal spirituality or religious sense, regardless of religious affiliation. I value your deeply-held beliefs and faith, as well as your skepticism and don’t advocate for any religion. I ask each new client about religious or spiritual orientation to get to know them but only address these issues if they want to do so.
  • Stress Management: Many people feel overwhelmed by life and work challenges, and this can interfere with health and relationships. For some, this is new. Others are used to a stressful lifestyle but find it harder to keep up. I help people recognize their stress, address the factors that increase or maintain stress, and discover ways to create a healthier, more resilient lifestyle.

My Psychotherapy Style

My therapeutic style is non-judgmental and practical. I’m gentle and engaged, and I respect your intelligence. Clients often say that they feel comfortable with me, making it easier to explore personal material. There are times I believe it’s important to quietly listen while you explore issues in depth. At other times, I think with you to help you grow and solve problems. I’ll also encourage you to apply what you learn in your daily life. In general, I’ve found that the people who connect with me and persist to achieve good results are actively engaged in their healing process. Many like to read and learn and enjoy my teaching approach. This web site may pre-select this kind of client, because I offer extensive writings and questionnaires that guide you through the therapy process. For a more detailed understanding of my orientation to psychotherapy and how I work, see the section entitled “My Approach.”

Considering Psychotherapy

Some people are comfortable with psychotherapy and have done this work before. Others may hesitate because they’re afraid of feeling judged or exposed or hesitate for other reasons. I know from personal experience that coming to therapy for the first time, especially, can be downright scary! For more about that issue, please select this link. Otherwise …

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